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theBlu is a socially-connected, global interactive application
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Wemo Media
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21 November 2012

Editor's review

When it comes to computers and internet our minds typically conceives a world of different websites, news portals, social networking sites, online games and like. But for a nature lover, a very few opportunity remains of getting into natural world with lively species dwelling while working on his computer To fill up this hole emerges a terrific application named as TheBlu for Mac 2.2.1. This software application is designed for both Mac and Windows however the aforementioned software is built for only Mac user. In short this application can pour you into shallow points of the ocean as well all those places in the see that has been never explored. And you can experience a digital world with cool graphics along side a great platform to make a social circle online.

TheBlu for Mac 2.2.1 is a pure inspiration which has evolved in order to bring computer and internet users close to nature that lies deep into oceans. Another aspect of creating this lovely 3D oceanic life is to spread global awareness of depleting marine ecology. Coming back to the application, you can glare at the stunning fishes and sharks and whales and many other sea lives in it. The piece of art that has been put in it is animation is terrific and complete plot looks dramatically real. The application lets you to buy varied elegant looking species and this can depict your concern for the degrading ocean lives and show your part in conservation of the Ocean life. Many world renowned graphic artist as well as Wind-life conservation firms are working together to make it a successful drive.

To end the review of TheBlu for Mac 2.2.1, all I can say is that just reading about the application and not using is not a very clever thing to do or the correct way to learn about the application. TheBlu for Mac 2.2.1 deserves 4 clear stars for lovely graphics and aesthetics it showcases.

Publisher's description

Inspired by the Oceans, theBlu is a socially-connected, global interactive application. Each time you participate, your interactions and connections impact the flow of life in theBlu and everyone's experience of it. Each time you purchase beautiful species and habitats to add to the globally-connected Ocean, you support oceanic conservation. Explore and experience a beautiful online 3D underwater world as easily as browsing the Web. Connect and interact with your friends via Facebook and go diving together in theBlu. Have fun learning about the Oceans because theBlu is both entertaining and educational. Support oceanic conservation each time you purchase 3D species and habitat art work.
Version 2.2.1
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